Sunday, May 15, 2011

A bit windy

I'm a fair weather person, in fact I like it on the warm side really, that's why we choose to live in Nepal and Spain and not England and Norway. If it's not going to be hot, I'd rather it be cold, raining, snowing, in fact anything but too windy. Wind is so unruly and unforgiving and there's nothing worse than trying to train birds in the wind. They never settle on the fist, always turn around to face into the wind, which is fine when you're walking into the wind but at some point you have to come back. Today was one of those days in Alicante, hence you see me sitting at my computer, with Heckle, hiding from the gusts.

All was not lost though, it did eventually calm down just enough to get a mini training session in. Luckily the house is situated on acres of land so I didn't have to battle the elements that far. Both birds performed well bringing us a day closer to flying with them, I can't wait.

I now haven't left the grounds of the house for 2 days, cabin fever is starting to set in. I think tomorrow we'll venture out and do some site seeing around Alicante town, if it's sunny we might even go to the beach, plus I still have a brand new tandem that I haven't flown yet, fingers crossed it's flyable!

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