Friday, May 20, 2011

Like father like son

Do most people have a preference on the sex when they decide to have kids, or is it a small minority? I'm not ashamed to admit that once Anita and I decided that we wanted to have a baby, if people asked me what I wanted, which naturally they did all the time, I said a girl. Now there's a simple reason for this, it's no secret that I tend to get on well with girls, always have done, don't know why. Don't get me wrong, I like guys, yeah yeah, easy, not like that. I've got some great guy friends but there's just something about girls which for me I find easier to get along with. The other main reason is I thought that perfection is a daughter who looks and takes after her mum, that's what I was hoping for anyway. Of all the possible scenarios, I think the least favourite would be a daughter who looks like her dad! You know what I'm saying, right?

We didn't want to know the sex prior to the birth, I think the older you get, the truly great surprises in life become fewer and far between. I have to confess that once Anita started to going into labour I had completely forgotten about my preferences, It's worth mentioning that Anita didn't have a preference at all, and not even the slightest feeling of what she was carrying for 9 months. Then suddenly everything pales into insignificance when you witness the birth of your baby, boy, girl, it didn't matter, he was ours. Yes it was a boy and from the moment I saw his little winkle, my very first thought, before I wailed "It's a little boy"! and cried like a baby, was, I'm so glad it's a boy. Weird eh! Fingers crossed we end up with a son who takes after his Mum and looks like his Dad ;)

"What's all this got to do with Parahawking?" I here you ask. Not a lot! Just that I went on a rather long bike ride this morning and this was my thought for the day. The picture of the turtles was taken in our local park near our apartment in Thailand whilst we waited for Talo to arrive, I've wanted to post it for a while, I imagined it to be a turtle and his son, maybe this was the sign, anyway this seemed like an appropriate time to post it.

It was bloody windy again today more windy than the past few days. I'm struggling to make any real progress with Heckle and Jeckle, so difficult when it's this windy. However I did reach a bit of a milestone today, I needed to get them off the creance (training line) as it was driving me mad, so I flew them free down by the beach. Up and until now, Heckle (female) has been doing better then Jeckle (Male). Today the little fella showed her what he's made of and cut through the wind like a knife, while she floated around like a butterfly. I like butterflies normally but today not so much.

Here's hoping for a calmer day tomorrow.


  1. Ahh your a big softie Scott.

    Hope the weather breaks soon.


  2. I can sympathise with all your comments Scott. I too cried like a baby when my little girl was born. But my wife asked the mid-wife before a scan what sex the baby was while I was in Afghanistan. It had been a very tough week, so after asking her how the scan had gone she replied - "your daughter is fine!" I found myself welling up with no one to tell! Now she's three and she's a daddy's girl! And I love it!

  3. Cut the creance! It always hold you back. Just enough discipline and rules to keep on track but the freedom to express and find your o en style always let's them develop faster.
    I'm glad you are such a proud dad. You two are the type of people every kid wants as parents.
    You are an inspiration in your training abilitys. It's that style of your that makes you a great parent.

  4. Your an Onion Mason, a big soft Onion!

  5. Having a baby and a blog is bringing out the writer in you. Love it.

  6. Thanks Chris, a nice compliment, glad you're enjoying my ramblings.